Monday, August 29, 2005

Before building an eben ezer

Looking up from the pit
dug by guilty hands,
the tired prisoner sees
a ladder extend down
and then rest on the muddy bottom.
Does he dare
to climb out
of this hole
into a sky-blue-covered world
of unknown?
Should the days become hazy,
will the once-imprisoned
wish himself back
down here?
Are there dangers worse
than this stifling air
that steals
every hopeful breath?
El-Shaddai, You wait,
silently cheering him on
to put one foot
on that first rung,
just to start
El-Roi, You want him
to choose
the light.
Too long he's choked on
imagined disappointments.
It's time to climb to the future,
to get on with moving on.

written 12.1.03;
revised 8.29.05


Already the story unfurls itself
like a banner proclaiming victory
before the war is over,
before the last battle is engaged.
Already the counting of the healed
is sung as heroes' ballads,
before the shots have fired,
before the blood starts flowing.
Time is of no matter;
matter bends to eternity's will.
In the heavens the battle rages ever,
and the enemy's defeat is ever close.
Here in this shell, this burned-out shelter,
a candle glows, a promise flickers.
Already the rebuilding begins
like a people's returning joy,
before all is destroyed in firestorm,
before the walls are crumbled by Love.

written 12.1.03;
revised 8.29.05

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The beginning of a Love story

From across miles
of dry dusty desert
I came to find Your power,
expecting You to return with me;
but You spoke a word
and at that hour
healing arrived...
When I ask for food,
You give me Bread,
more hearty than any I could bake.
You lay a feast at a stop in the road.

Again, another poem in progress. Thoughts? Recommendations for how to continue and finish it?